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[1THING] Blog: Archive for September, 2017

[ Public Lands Day sees #OurWild at a dangerous crossroads ]

In 2017, National Public Lands Day (Sept. 30) comes as many bedrock notions about public lands have been shaken to the core–or even forgotten entirely by some of the country’s leaders.


[ This trade dispute could upend America’s booming solar industry. Here’s what it means for you. ]

Thinking of getting solar panels for your roof? New tariffs, if imposed, could put a quick end to your project – and worry anyone concerned with climate change.


[ Court rejects Nevada county’s meritless road claim after nearly two decades of litigation ]

Jennifer Dickson

Earlier this week a federal district court issued a final decision in a nearly two-decades-old legal case over a right-of-way claim by Elko County, Nevada to a road that traverses a sensitive river canyon near the bo



[ DOI ignores stakeholders input with changes to sage grouse plans ]

Alex Thompson

During a call on Monday, the Interior Department said they intend to move forward with changing the sage grouse conservation plans, putting the Trump administration’s fossil fuel focused agenda ahead of the interests of western stakeholders, including states, communities and western govern



[ Jarbridge South Canyon Road order ]

Sep 25, 2017

Judge’s order for Case No. 3:99-cv-00547-MMD-WGC (South Canyon Road) b



[ MEMO: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2017 Timeline ]

Tim Woody

November 8, 2016: Donald Trump wins presidential election. Sen.


[ Ever Wonder Wednesday – How clean does Recycling need to be? ]

By Tori Carle, Waste Reduction Supervisor, City of Greensboro


Ever wonder how clean does my recycling need to be? Have someone in your family that is very strict about making sure your recycling is spotless? Well now the debate is over. Your containers do not have to be spotless.

My mom is the recycling queen in my family and puts lots of containers in the dishwasher before recycling—you do not have to do this! Really, most empty containers just need a quick rinse. You don’t have to scrub every food particle off.

For example: peanut butter jars are pretty tough to get clean. We recommend you put just a little bit of water in the empty jar, swish it around, maybe let it sit overnight, dump out the water, put the lid back on (if it is a plastic jar and lid), and recycle it. Even if there are little streaks of PB left in the jar that is ok. That being said, please do not toss your half-full jars of mayo jars and ketchup bottles in the recycling. For folks working in the recycling processing facilities, it’s wasteful and not sanitary. Plus, your recycling cart will stay fresher smelling if there is less food residue in your bottles and jars.

Ever wonder about something else waste/recycling related? Submit your questions to recycle@greensboro-nc.gov



[ A breakthrough for mobile air quality data – and 3 deceptively tough challenges that paved the way ]

With these groundbreaking insights, we can scale up mobile sensing technology to track and map pollutants in cities everywhere.


[ How a tech startup and nimble non-profit exposed toxic releases during the Houston flood ]

As federal and state agencies failed to monitor air pollution after Hurricane Harvey, we measured and mapped a leaking carcinogen in real time.


[ Interior Department celebrates sage grouse anniversary with changes to plans ]

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of the sage grouse conservation plans – the largest landscape-level conservation effort ever undertaken that involved years of collaboration and hard work by 11 western states and their governors, multiple federal agencies and stakeholders throughout t