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[ Recycling comes from more than just your kitchen ]

By Tori Carle, Waste Reduction Supervisor, City of Greensboro

Oftentimes, we find that residents relate recyclable items to what they find in their kitchen. It’s easy enough to remember that your pizza box, milk jug, soup can and salsa jar should all go in your kitchen recycle can. But what about the other items in your home that are recyclable? Today we are shining a light on the other places you might find recycling in your home.

In the bathroom, it can be tempting to put my toilet paper tubes, shampoo bottles, and the plastic wrap around my toilet paper (can be recycled at the grocery store) in the trash can. Consider having a small recycling bin in your bathroom along with your trash can (twin the bin!) to make it easy to separate your tissues, make-up wipes, and cotton swab trash from the bottles, jugs, and recyclable paper products in your bathroom.

Toothpaste, medication, and other types of tubes are not recyclable. If you have a plastic cap to a tube, you can put them in a larger bottle, such as an empty mouthwash or laundry detergent bottle, put its original lid on, and recycle it all. This keeps the small caps from getting lost.

Have a home office, craft room, shed, or man cave? All of those rooms may contain recyclables that don’t belong in your green garbage cart. These rooms are ideal places for a small recycling bin. Put paper, magazines, mail, envelopes, and bottles in the recycling!

Recycling isn’t always convenient, but it makes a big difference if we all make small simple changes to increase our recycling efforts!

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